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Course DT01  Dog Training Using Positive Reinforcement (R+)

This course has been designed to introduce owners to the methods of positive reinforcement.  Dogs that are allowed to have choices while learning have a better understanding of the appropriate behaviours as well as a stronger relationship with their humans.  All animals learn best in a force-free environment.

This course covers simple theory plus practical instructions to teach the basic behaviours of sit, down, stay, heel and come with over 30 videos.  You will learn how to challenge your dog’s understanding of the basic behavioural cues in order to make them stronger.  Of the 15+ years I have been instructing the most common complaint from owners is that their dog doesn’t know how to behave when there are distractions about.  This step by step course will help you to overcome that dilemma.

Students can study at their own pace and ask questions of the instructor.  The course also has a few quizzes to test your understanding of the training methods used and ensure you are making progress.

This course is about dog training and not behavioural modification.

SIX month access to online course  NZ $45!!

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Six month access to online course  NZ $45

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